Bornheim International Airport ;-)

I'm a member in a small club called "Modellflug-Gemeinschaft Bornheim" with an airfield of 10,000 square meters, halfway between Cologne and Bonn. We are a community of about 30 people, flying anything (or sometimes even nothing) from small E-powered models or sailplanes up to big (semi-) scale.

If someone wants to visit us, I'll like to send a routing description by eMail.
See left for an aerial view of our airfield, taken with a camera just taped onto the wing of the Pink Panther(see below). By the way, I'm the one in the center of the group...

The model called "Pink Panther" had a wingspan of 2.07 m (81.5") and was powered by a ST 3000. It was originally constructed for towing sailplanes and it was in fact doing this job very well. And it also executed anything else an airplane should be able to. Unfortunately it was was destroyed some years ago through Rx failure.

Members & Models

Karl-Heinz & Heinkel Kadett (87"/Seidel 7-Cyl. Radial Engine)
Horst & Klemm 25 (87" / .60 cu in)
Robert & Topp-Omega (79" / 1.8 cu in)
Jens & New Yamamoto (or so) (about 59" / .40 cu in)
Klaus & "Cosizzotti" (self made mixture from Cosinus and Ramazzotti, 79", 10 cells)
- May 99
Witold & Eco8 (small electric Helicopter, 8 cells) - May 99
Norbert & "his own design" (79", .120 ASP-engine) - May 99
Herbert & Kyosho-PT 19 (.90 Four-Stroke) - May 99
  Herbert & Cap 10 - August 2000

 More to follow...