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New Projects: La-5FN (Russian WW2-Fighter) & Razzle (ARF Fun Flyer)


Model Flying....?

The first romance certainly has gone since a long time.. gone the days that I spent under deep-hanging clouds and not ending rain on a slope edge.. gone the time when I went to the airfield even when the weather seemed unacceptable cherisihing hopes of improvement...

Gone the thrill every time when the time of launching a model was approaching, the shiver, barely to dominate, in my knees when a maiden flight was to be mastered.

Really gone?

No, for me the fascination which goes along with this extraordinary hobby is still present. A fascination that was founded in my childhood when my uncle passed me a cute little glider..that we let fly at a smooth slope.

It was crafted from wood, it was covered with paper,of course it was unsteered and above all it was yellow. Wooden Gliders, especially those covered with paper, must be yellow.

Life went on.. many years. There were years poring over catalogs and counting the pocket money again and again father bought me a radio control! That was in 1973 and it was a simple, cheap radio control.

The dream came true ... many airplanes broke, I imagined it easier.
With toughness, but without real perception that the help of experienced modelers would be maybe useful I kept a stiff upper lip.
Sometimes landing succeeded without damage and then much more often.
Up to the time, as my other big love and the educational progress demanded my interest.

Now I build and fly for a long time again, almost 20 years ago I discovered the small airfield. I fly this and that, cannot decide to limit myself ... maybe a fault, maybe not. The satisfaction which comes with this hobby is still big. Actually bigger again, when the luring computer, that promises fun without effort, moves in the background a bit.

If today somebody asks me why I pursue this hobby (with the subliminal, provoking question: where is the sense in it?), I say: it is versatile, it is technically interesting, you meet friendly people, you deal with aerodynamics, materials, electrical engineering, electronics, engines, you practise your talent, it is a challenge.

This is all right.

But telling the truth, only the small yellow glider of my uncle knows the reason why I really do fly models.

The Wilga


These Pages - Why?

I frankly admit, that these pages do not carry too heavy with their contents. But hopefully my honorable readership will see a little bit more in them than just an "I'm also here" site. Although it is exactly this too, of course. ;-)

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Pic of Omega
My Topp-Omega a. d. 1990 (R. i. P.)

A short introduction of my person:

My name is Michael Kleinefeld. I'm living in Germany somewhere between Bonn and Cologne . R/C-Flying has been (with short interrupts) my hobby for more than 30 years. It may be of interest that I avoided somehow to specialize on a certain area. This means that I dealt with nearly every kind of models except helicopters, from HLGs and electrics to big models with gas engines - as stated above already. This has some disadvantages (you know less of more, of course), but I think I stay with this. Because it's simply fun not to force myself into a tight straight-jacket and to fly e. g. only electric ducted fans with 12 cells and a wing span of 43 inches. What would be o. k., of course...yes, I know, this was a little bit exaggerated...Note in 2004:I wrote this text a long tome ago, around 1996 and it is kind of funny that in the last few yars I indeed almost exclusively built and flew EDF models. But I am just starting to change this again. ;)