Electric Pylon Racer (F5D)


The Graupner pylon racer MUNGA is a smaller project, which I started and finished (!) in 99. This small airplane won the F5D World Championships in 94.

Kontronik Optomax 80 and Plettenberg HP 290/20/4
(click on the pics to see the high-quality version)

While today a brushless motor would be the choice for competition purpose, I use a conventional HP 290/20/4. Controller is a Kontronik Optomax 80, current is supplied by 7 cells Sanyo 1250 SCRC.

The inner fuselage, from the left: controller (partially visible), motor battery, receiver battery, switch, elevator-servo. Left is flight direction.

Although I got some warnings before, the model flies quite well except the take-off phase, which is difficult also if you have a good helper starting the model. Hint: during take off do steer as smooth as possible, best would be not to use the controls at all. Furthermore 50 percent expo on the ailerons is a good idea if you have a computer radio.

If flying this small racer is experienced as "difficult", this is because of the speed and the "smallness". In reality the modell flies without any bad behaviour.

Unfortunately the Munga is very sensitive to shock, so that that it suffered some damage already, mostly regarding the rear fuselage. And on at least every second landing the propeller crumbles up.


Some data:

Weight: 1,027 g
Motor: HP 290/20/4
Static Current: 53A @ 20.300 RpM
Controller: Kontronik Optomax 80
Flight Battery: 7 * 1250 SCRC, soldered inline
Prop: Graupner Cam Speed Prop 5,5" * 5,5"
Receiver Battery: 4*150 mAh (Sanyo yellow), soldered according fuselage contour 
Receiver: Graupner PCM 12
Servos: Elevator Graupner 341, Aileron Volz Micro Star II
CG: as plan (40 mm from leading edge)