ARF Fun Flyer


April 9, 2004 - The "Razzle" is a Fun Flyer, which I purchased for little money at m< local dealer to get something buzzing and reeking into the air before the Lavoshkin (which will take a while until maiden flight). The model ist made in Viet-Nam und distributed in Germany by Simprop. For 139 Euros (introduction offer) you get a properly built and properly covered aircraft with a wing span of 158 cm.

(click on the pics to see the larger high-quality version)

Something that irritated me was that the firewall provides neither down nor side thrust. And modifications sometimes ar not easy on an ARF-kit - without destroying half the aircraft. Now, we will see... Maiden flight was not done yet due to bad weather.

Cheap aircraft with expensive engine (OS 91 Surpass with pump)

April 17, 2004 - Last (Easter-) monday the weather was better and I was finally able to run in the engine burning three tank volumes. After that was done I could do the first flights with the Razzle today. As I did not expect to much from this cheap model, I was surprised that the aircraft makes loops and roles clean and without offset. And most astonishing it also flies straight ahead passably. :) The OS four stroke is a perfect choice, starting is easy, it has lots of power and can be throtteled to veeery low rpm. The latter is important for landing - which typically for a Funflyer can be done with extreme low speed - as the Razzle will still climb with rpm a bit above idle.